Brownie lady and 9 rules of health eating habits that you should implement in your life

Brownie lady and 9 rules of health eating habits that you should implement in your life

Nowadays we have a ton of fit diets. Each of them has one assignment: to reduce few kilograms of needless fat. Sometimes diets are controversial, others more harmful than helpful. Effect? A few kilos less, but are you sure? Moments later we have earlier shape, because we back to the previous habits of eating. It looks like a win money on lottery which hole burns in pocket. And what you can do to save your prize?

We should not kidding ourselves that diets work for long term! Short term diets are sucks! We can not keep diet for all the time, but we should use it for short time. Luckily exist few rules which we can use to be fit for a long time.



  1. Eat 4 – 5 times per day in regular periods of time.I will show you a paradox: If you eat more you will lose fat. Yes, it is true. Every specialist of diets or fitness tell you that. More meals during the day boost metabolism. Our body uses an energy for digestion. This energy comes from free fat acids. So if you eat frequently you will lose fat. You should eat in regular periods of time, for 3 – 4 hours. Why? You should not let to decrease of metabolism rate. Your body must work all the time on a high level.
  2. Remember about breakfast.This part of daily eating habit is the most important in whole day! You must eat in the morning. It could not be only a little morsel. You must speed body machine up. Eat a HUGE breakfast.
  3. You are what you eat.You also heat this sentence, so do not be a cheap, fast, easy and fake. But if you have not a choice……you should prepare meals earlier. Sorry.
  4. Cook and enjoy!Do not be a nerd in the kitchen. Body hates boring. How many times can you eat a chicken with broccoli? World of cooking is so big!
  5. Do not forget about natural spices.Pepper, chilli, ginger, cinnamon, they taste pretty good and boost your metabolism. Have you ever felt warmer when you moved too far with spices?
  6. Avoid eating products with sugar.You very often do not know what the products from markets include and how they was made. There are another unnecessary kcal. Food companies add a sugar to their products for better taste and longer expiry date. Look on fruit juices or even a ketchup label.
  7. Drink more.The body consists of 70 % of water. It does not mean that you have inside super water storage. It is an optimal sum of water which ensures correct biochemical processes in body. If you are thirsty you should know that your body is 2 % dehydrated!…And what about tea, coffee, yerba mate and guarana. They boost your metabolism because of including caffeine.
  8. Weekend off…NO!You should not take the weekend off from health habits. Of course every products in this world is for human, but you should have to know how much you can take it. Limit everything what you think is bad for your organism. Only taste, not eat.
  9. Visualize your body.Mind….is the powerful thing ever. Without it you can not exist. Simple. It discovered an electricity, a ton of books, languages and dreams. It also can create and shape your body too! But there is one and simple thing: you have to want it!

Short, but true

Diet is not a torture. It is not a punishment or end of your life. You do not have to be a diet specialist to be fit….get to know rules of health eating habits which are above, understand and implement them for better life.


p.s. Why I wrote this? Because I’m in Starbucks Cafe, drinking small black coffee (without sugar) and hearing behind me a voice of young lady which telling her friend that she exercises every day and doesn’t see any good effects. And one detail….she took a big coffee with milk and huge portion of brownie! Wow, even I could not make it! Thanks brownie lady for inspiration.


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