Get stress or lie on sofa

Get stress or lie on sofa

Stress. Inseparable element of life. Companion of human being for ages as a sensitive reaction of unexpected incidents. First stress has place just after born. It’s a body reaction of environment changing. From warm 36,6 C degrees to cold 20 C degrees, flash of light and noise. “What’s going on? I want to go back!” We stress also when we go to vacation! But can’t see other positive side of stress. But it worths…

Good Stress Morning

Early morning. Shower. Sleeping eyes during breakfast. Hot cup of gladfulness coffee saves at the early morning during watching tv information about wheather cast, soft news from country and world. The last sip of blessing black liquid and it’s time to stand face to face with daily challenge – stress. Let’s go to work. It’s an important day. After first meeting got awake and felt the failure. Stress. It’s time to continue the project. It should be done. Uff…Only email box left. Exactly 32 emails to reply. Pray for the end of day after 12 emails replied. One thing in mind is world after work. World which are waiting for exhausted mind….Let’s go back to work. Meeting. Stress. Project. Stress…


Few hours later…

World after work is open. You can breathe now. Bag with sport clothes is packed. Only you and your body, which is the biggest challange in this day. Stress, but likeable now. This gives good feeling at thinking about it, This gives energy and doesn’t take it back. Excitation. Needed thought from early morning. It’s time to challange. It’s time for physical reset.

Physiology face of stress


Stress. Actuated adrenal glands produce adrenalin and noradrenalin. Pupils of eyes are dilate, breathing is faster, heart is beating like a crazy. Everything caused by stressor, the physcial or psycho impulse. Everyone know what that means. Feel concern and weakness at first. Someone feels it as a whole body paralysis and other feels as a faster heart beating only. With time comes on a phase of adapt to stressor, but feel concern all the time. Finally, body gives up. Long stress causes problem with: cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, muscular and metabolism.

Two faces

Stress is interpret as a not good and harmful effect. We afraid it. Just only thoughts about stress situation gives a concern. Mind is the part of body which suffer the most. Comes to neurosis and depression. This kin of stress exhausts us completely. Good to know that this kind of stress is caused by sustained and strong impulse.

However, exist other kind of stress which encourages to action. This stress with semi impulse called as a eustress. Eustress gives a nice tingle on whole body. We excite and desire it. Associate only with good feeling and we want more, want to fight with self – weakness and want to glory.


The best solution to negative stress manage is depress by eustress. Take a short break and think about something giid during tight situation. Something which causes also faster heart beating, increases breathing and helps you to lose a few needless kilograms. I mean, that the best solution to depress negative stress is physical activity. Move is blessing. Is the best opportunity to forget about nervous day. Relax you and endorphins cause smile on your face even after hard workout. This is it! Think about it.


Stress is necessary. Without its we won’t say about adventures. To avoid stress you should stay at home on sofa. Yyyy…bad idea. We are not create for sofa’s life. Get stress, but in positive way.Like here:

p.s. Are you still sitting on sofa?
p.p.s…even Giraffes can’t stay at home, hahaha!

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