In this fall…

In this fall…

News headings:

London, UK:  “10.000 of people rest in their home…”

Paris, France: “Fall savage for people…”

Berlin, Germany: “Selling of medications increasing…”

Pragha, Czech Republic: “Cough – next season….”

Fall: beautiful colors or sad time?


Weather behind the window: 15 degrees centigrade, blue sky, sun, 1 m/s of wind, 1013 hPa, weather forecast: it will be great! Fall – miracle part of year, beautiful colors of trees, lovely sunny days and gentle coolness in the evenings. Fall has a second face: rain with companion of depression, books and movies for better mood, thick jersey and something else…  Cough, runny nose, sneeze, fever and chills…that means colds.

The cold is the worst fall feelings  ever! It’s dangerous, but easy to prevent. Cold is the some kind of muck (virus), which attacks immune system when is weak. You should fear, because it’s cause by 200 different viruses, so is hard to avoid them. If you have: cough, a runny and blocked nose, inflammation of throat, headache and fever – that is too late and you should rest in home for a few days. I’m so sorry.

How you can avoid colds attack.

Altough if you belong to group of people without above symptoms (or lying in bed with cold and drinking hot milk with honey) you should read 4 short tips to prevent colds attack:

  1. WORKOUT. Training is important element for immune system. But soft overtrain could be end in the bed. I careful use one of training method and it calls “training for overcome”. It means easy training  like active stretching or other movements without huge loads. If you break this border you’re going to bed with fatal condition. You should know, that just after workout you’re weak and expose for colds viruse infection. But during long period of training process immune system is stronger and immunity increases. Workout!… Workout!…and workout all the time!
  2. EAT CLEAN! You should eat clean to support immune system. Necessary vitamins and minerals which including in vegetables and fruits. Keep adequate ratio between carbohydrates, proteins and fats is priority to healthy. Get a lots of fluids even if you don’t want it. Warning: fall weather gets people to drink a beer in BAR….scroll it! Go to training!
  3. CLEANNESS. Mainly, be careful in public transport or public place (like above mentioned BAR with beer). Surely you meet someone who coughs and sneezes. Run away from him, keep safety distance and always disinfect hands (you can use tissues with sanitize lotion, wash hands with soap and water or put gloves on your hands). It isn’t valetudinarian tactic, this is things which should to do to prevent illness.
  4. GET REST AND AVOID STRESS. Sleep well, adequate for quantity of needed sleep. Rest in home if you feel uncomfortable. Don’t stress. Research shows that stress decreases functions of immune system.

At the end. For few weeks the headers in newspapers look like header of this post. A lot of news will be fraighten, herald  and appal for only one case. That the people believe them and will  sic in their minds. Don’t panic when you read in press, hear in radio or watch in tv about cold season. Take above clues in your head and enjoy of beautiful fall weather!

p.s. The most important thing. If it’s too late and you’ve a symptoms of cold don’t go to bed and say in mind all the time: “I haven’t time for sick!”. You should trust me. Your strength is in your mind. Don’t believe?

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