Who am I?


My name is Grzegorz Wichrzycki, but call me PT Greg. I’m Personal Trainer and founder in Freebody, Personal Trainer Online in Freebody Online and PT Greg International Personal Trainer Online…also founder and editor of FitEntertains.com.  Poland is place where I’m living and the world is the area of my working. I decided is the time to share my knowledge with you.


My mission: help to people with their daily struggle against weak body, damaged soul and tired mind.

My weapon: workout and fit knowledge!

What? FitEntertains.com? 

FitEntertains.com is a vast area of fit knowledge…and for sure full of fun! For people who want change life for better. Only here you can  find everything what you desire! Here is a lowdown of fit style of life, from moves and happiness to time of self contemplation. Center of entertainment where with tea, coffee or protein shake you find secrets how to be fit.

What you can find on FitEntertains.com :

– training tips

– diet tips

– motivation to get success

– deep contemplation

– full of fun

-… and me. Real, truthful, unique sense of humour and fit freak! Yes, it’s me.

Shall we begin?

PT Greg