vida“Greg is an energetic, motivated and spirited trainer. Even those of us who are inspired to train want to take a break, but Greg keeps fitness enthusiasts even more fit. His enthusiasm and passion for fitness is contagious!”

Vida Ghaffari –  TV reporter, voiceover artist, on-camera actress in film and TV… yogini / USA, Los Angeles

“Grkristofer jameseg is a total motivator. The past year I have been all over the world but with Greg’s constant online help I have been able to hit new goals. He has tremendous knowledge of health and wellbeing which along side the training is the perfect combination. I would highly recommend him to any of you out there looking for the ultimate goal”

 Kristofer James – singer and song writer in The Scheme….
gym enthusiast / UK, Liverpool

robert_witka“…During the break caused an injury I searched a specialist who helps me to care for athleticism and I met Grzegorz Wichrzycki – a total professional. It means a wide area of knowledge, involvement in work, individual approach, open-minded and ability to establish positive relationship… Never forget this impression.”

Robert Witka – pro basketball player of Tauron Basket Liga, member of Polish Basketball National Team…POWER Forward / Poland, Radom

“I spent with Greg lots of time and ……lost lots of weight. He is first and foremost a fantastic motivator for whom and with whom you have the power and will to train. I think his secret is that he can recognize who he is dealing with and adjust the strategy, so be careful – it will not be easy. ”

Joanna Kościelniak – director in banking sector…the move enthusiast/ Poland, Wrocław